Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Follow the yellow brick ....

Follow the yellow brick road, or so they say.  I'm done "following" anything or anyone, it doesn't seem to work very well for me.  Instead, I'm trying to follow crooked paths and venture into alley ways because they aren't as predictable as my encounters on straight paths.  Doing the right thing hasn't lead me in a very positive light thus far, ha, I'm not saying committing unlawful acts is the answer but hey.  You think if your good to people, then good will come back to you, thats bullshit, cus by now, if good were gold, I'd be a fuckin zillionare, but it seems like god has been robbing me of my "gold".  I want my cut dam it.  But then on the other hand, I may get my cut in a giant lump sum in the future, but I'm not holding anyone to it.  I've learned that I REALLy shouldn't expect anything, luckily comedy has helped me in that aspect.  Jokes don't always work even if you think they should, but you have to keep believing in yourself, cus if you don't, you'll never make it in show business.  Luckily for me, I have immense faith in myself, and in life.  I will never fail, I won't allow it.  And as far as the people who dabble their evil fingers in my bowl of  optimiso soup, I'll simply lick your fingers clean, and continue eating my delicious soup.  This goes for life in general, if you trip, acknowledge it but keep walking as if you didn't, if someone screws with your emotions, have a bowl of optimiso soup and maybe a shot of some good tequila and you'll be grrrreat.  I love comedy, it's what I live for, honestly, I'm not just saying that to make a powerful statement.  day n night, it's comedy, but I enjoy discussing honest thoughts.  I feel like I keep writing this blog, but for some reason it feels like a fresh thought every time. Guess thats just because its an on going dilemma.  

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  1. Great minds think alike. I had a similar thought to yours on Monday. The lesson I've learned is that your life is in your hands, not any one else's. You can't go around pointing fingers and demanding things from anyone but yourself. Doing so will only lead to disappointment and resentment towards those around you. Keep doing what you're doing, and sure enough something good will come of it.