Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That Girl

Ha, there's always that girl. That girl who makes you smile every time you see her, that girl who makes you walk the longer way just so you don't have to see her, that girl u keep trying to say hi to but she constantly manages to dodge you, that girl that you see everyday but never say anything to, that girl who fucked you over but you still dwell on her like she actually DID care, that girl who caught your eye but thats about it, that girl you just want to hug, that girl you want to kiss, that girl you want to do the NASTY with and get dirty, that girl who you want to knock the fuck out, that girl who you want to give a wedgie to until it hurts, that girl whose head you want to dunk into a bucket of boiling water, that girl who didn't give two shits about you and now all of a sudden does, that girl who hated on you when you weren't "as cool" and now you got it goin on, and then....... and then there's THAT girl, who makes you lose your composure when you see her, who makes you melt inside and lose ur shit, who makes you say one dumb thing after another because your mouth and brain aren't co-operating due to the "poison ivy" effect, that is when a girl has you in a trance due to some type of chemical/pheromone she releases. The girl who makes you loose your "cool guy" persona, that you lose as soon as she walks in the door, who gives you a tingly feeling inside, that girl who makes you stutter, who makes you think, "Is she the one?" or maybe just another nightmare in disguise? whatever, i'll just go with the flow and see what she brings to the table. that girl who you think about while drinking a glass of Tropicana Simply Orange because something about the citrus and sweetness of the orange just reminds you of her, or when you brush your teeth, you think of her teeth and her smile, that girl who has the softest most luscious lips you've ever kissed, that girl who's kiss you crave, that girl whose hips you cant wait to caress, whose hair you cant wait to smell and stroke, that girl whose eyes you want to gaze into as you contemplate when to kiss her, is it too soon?, should i move my leg so i can go in smooth?, oh shit I just elbowed her, should my hand be touching her hand, should i just go for it, what if she doesn't want it, should i ask permission? no thats stupid, I'm a man, and dam it I'll kiss her if I want to.......fuck, here come the butterflies again, i think I need to drink a can of "OFF", ok i'm gonna do it, ahhh shit whats holding me back, why am i sitting so awkwardly? ok, fuck it, i'm doing it for real this time, here i go, i look at her, and go in for it........ok i think she liked it, ok, she gave me "the look", the ok, I'm in, now I can let my lips do the rest of the talking, it feels like our lips are ball room dancing with occasional bursts of break dancing. The power of touch never fails to amaze me, I love everything about it, the feeling you get when someone transfers their emotions through a body part=Beauty

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  1. Hello Mr. Grewal. Long time fan here.

    Just wondering why you named your blog "howdy dooty" and not "howdy doody". It's seriously bothering me.

    Love, Me