Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks For Giving

Of course, I just had to lose my job right around thanks giving, yea thanks, thanks for making me wear a hair net AND, and a fucking beard net and then cutting me loose.  ANYWAY, how you guys doin? I hope you stuffed your fat asses with turkey. I wonder how it would feel to have someone cram stuffing up your ass, imagine that..... I enjoy this time of year, its such a simple holiday and in my book, it deserves all the acclaim it gets.  We simply get together with people we love, cherish, enjoy hanging out with, wanna fuck,have fucked, and stuff our faces with the food of the pilgrims. I'm glad we've upgraded past tasteless turkey and discovered flavor although some people haven't found it yet. The eating part is great, the family is great, the festivities are great, but by the end of it you feel like a cow, just farting and releasing methane into the atmosphere. My dads definition of a fart "its the air that passes over the shit, that's why you have to keep you interstines clean".  He always claims that his farts don't smell, a guy so self confident that he believes his shit don't stink, now THATS BOLD.  One thing that always got to me was white people's whole "giving thanks" bit.  You see, everyone else(meaning foreigners and outsiders), are already thankful for the food we receive, so thankful that we don't have time to acknowledge it, we just eat it while we know its still on our plate.  Only in America will you pause, look at your plate, and say "OH THANK YOU", you go to Africa and that shit would be gone before you said "O...".  Eat while it's there.  Being broke during black friday, how ironic. Well, that's me, but I have a trick to overcome it, I refuse to look at any of the sales.  Yeup, it's quite simple, don't stare at the big shiny diamond and you wont want it, well you wont want it AS much. Side note, whats the deal with saunas? Did someone want to profit off their near death experience of dying in an oven?

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