Saturday, December 7, 2013

Donuts and Whores

I'm sitting, well laying on my bed writing this after having eaten 6 slices of thin crust pizza and a bottle of Modelo.  Any Modelo drinkers out there? I'm a fan of mexican beer, it just taste good.  Mexican beer is the only kind of beer that I have an immediate liking for, the others ones I either have to lie, pretend like I appreciate the bitter hoppier taste or "craftsman ship".  Mexicans win it over with me, I like the others but I love mexican.

By the way, if you haven't noticed by now, my past few blogs have had slightly unusual titles, I'm sure you can take a guess why I do this.... Well its partly for "marketing" reasons, cus I enjoy creating strategic mind fucking marking strategies plus I like to see how many word combinations I can come up with. So thats that.

People don't like whiners, unless they're non alcoholic whiners but fuck it, I've got some constructive whining to do.  Its regarding my current status as an actor/comic, so far I'm not getting as many auditions as I'd like.  This is quite normal but I'm not going to sit around and accept that, Its solution time. Some people don't mind riding it out and waiting, but I cant walk into another insurance audition where I play some faggy husband who's on the phone with NO ONE and giving fake facial reactions. And after giving my best faggy expressions, some other faggot books the spot. Its wasted talent.  Its time for CHANGE, going with the obama theme.  And by the way, he acts like he invented the act of CHANGE, what does he think all the other presidents were trying to do?  Apparently Abe Lincoln was just fuckin around freeing slaves and what not. Going back to it, some CHANGE needs to be made and it will be.  Actors are always expected to be at the lower end of things but that's doesn't sit well with me, I don't want to be overtly grateful for "BEING A PART" of something and being fortunate enough to participate as all actors are taught or told to do, FUCK THAT, I'm confident in what I have to offer and I'll respectfully take part in projects that I can offer my "services" and talent to. I say that with respect, not to wave my cock around.  I just don't agree with this slave/owner relationship.  This may not be a fresh thought, but I'm explaining my perspective on it.  We've all tomato soup but everyone makes it a little different, or at least their essence is in it. At the end of the day, creating content is the best and most fun solution.

Stand up has changed as well.  Now, stand up has become this sensitive, censored, politically correct, touchy platform that was once based on absolute raw speech.  I LOVE RAW SPEECH, its the best fucking thing to come out since baklava.  Stand up in the late 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's was awesome, stand ups were free to do their thing and deliver their take on things.  People wanted to hear raw thought, whether they be Y,G,PG, PG-13, R or X-rated, all thoughts were created equal. New views, opinions and thoughts were appreciated and people couldn't wait to leave work, hop in the car or subway and head over to the comedy club to hear them. NOW, now comics are expected to show up at coffee shops or any place with a stage, pay 5 or more dollars, wait 2 or more hours a lot of the time, and play to a crowd full of comics who don't give a shit or to a bunch of pussied out sensitive crowd members.  haha, I sound like such a scrooge, but I'm smiling as I write this because a lot of memories are coming to mind.  You cant even say rape, nigger, fat, skinny, retarded, gay, fag, short, or anything race related without some faggot getting offended, literally and figuratively. Obviously if you get up and start a hate speech, then of course people are gonna want you to get the fuck out but the point of a COMEDY club is to express thoughts you find interesting and funny.  Comics JOKE, not HATE, its simple.  Whatever we talk about has a comedic root, there's no hate, even if its sounds like it comes from a place of hate, we're there to make fun of it, not to try and  get assassinated on a nightly bases.  I'm not running for fuckin congress, there's no march after the show, no bills are gonna be passed, no POW's are gonna be released although that would be nice, at best, at best you'll have one to many, get fucked up with your buddies and get a DUI.  See its about havin a good time so stop getting your panties or thong in a twist.  Just shut the fuck up, grab your girls tits and laugh.

I usually don't like repeating whats been stated in headline news but Paul Walker, man, definitely an influence and someone I grew up watching since age 12.  He's been a part of my movie experience for the past 13 years and I along with a lot of other 12yr olds had a BLAST watching his movies.  For some reason, his death really made me sad, a lot of actors and entertainers die of various causes, accidents, OD's, suicides and what not, but hearing about Paul Walkers was exceptionally sad for me.  I was a fan but I didn't idolize him, yet I feel as if I lost someone I closely admired. I guess it comes down to me not wanting to see someone who had a good presence and quality to them, go so soon. Well I'm glad you got to be in movies I enjoyed watching and hope you enjoyed you're awesome time on earth.

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