Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cream and Sugar Please

I really enjoy expanding my mind.  I love reading self help books, motivational books, books on successful people, basically I'll read any book that can help me further expand and gain control over my mind.  You'd think god would give you the power to control your mind but he didn't.  To have absolute control over your mind and emotions is an actual practice that really takes time and commitment like working out in the gym.  This is nothing new, monks have been doing it for centuries but I'm not a monk, I'm a regular guy.  Everyone thinks that you need to be a monk or Yogi or some strange spiritual person to change your mindset but you really don't.  For me its been a mixture of Arnold Schwartzenegger, Steven Pressfield, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Robbins.  These are the people I've used in order to train my mind to think "positively" but better said, progressively.  Thinking positively makes you sound like some whimsical fool caught up in your own fantasy of what life should be, but thinking positively goes way deeper than simply "thinking" positive.  For me, thinking positive is about thinking of the future and leaving the past behind.  Doing this has helped me tremendously because it doesn't allow me to dwell, and dwelling is what eats you up.  For instance, if you spill something or drop a glass, it can effect you if you let it. You start feeling embarrassed, clumsy, childish, "grown ups don't spill or break things".  And especially when other people around you make it a big deal. You ever go to someones house and something spills or gets dropped but everyone carries on talking and laughing as though nothing happened...I like that approach, I'm not saying you should spill, break, crash into people while driving and not give a fuck, but if you do get in an accident, just focus on the solution, that's it. You've heard this a thousand times "think of the solution, not the problem", everyone loves to hear that but hardly anyone truly puts it into practice.  When you actually practice and implement it into your life, you'll handle things much differently and feel a lot better.  I'm tired of everyone thinking that this mind set is unattainable or only suited for those "over joyous", "enlightened" people, its not.  It really is a choice, one that anyone can make but may not necessarily have the insight, awareness or belief in themselves to do so.  Going with the theme, think I'll go pick up the kids from school now and be the daddy I sound like.

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