Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dot dot dot

Hi I'm a blogger and I like to document all the cool shit in my life, well its cool to me.  Should I blog about cool art pieces that I don't know two shits about, "eclectic art collection" that is the most pretentious fucking phrase.  What does that mean, that you feel the need to collect various different pieces of art, heaven forbid you have too much of the same shit, then you'd just be an uneclectic classless faggot right? People love to hang shit up in their houses, condos, lofts, or flats as the english like to call them, just for the sake of covering their moldy, hole ridden walls.  Its funny that bare walls just aren't cool, you have to cover them up with shit, like you're ashamed of them.  I guess that how ugly people feel, yes that was mean but I thought we'd passed that point by now.  When will you just be able to refer to ugly people as ugly, or black people as black people without some faggot correcting you....haha, I'm enjoying this so far, I feel like a freshly liberated slave.  It feels really nice being able to say the shit thats in my head without it having to correlate to some message or meaning. It gets exhausting always having to make sense, sometimes you just wanna say something without having to explain what you mean.  In those cases, either your explanation and ability to communicate clearly is shitty, or the other person is a moron.  If we're standing face to face and I'm explaining something to the best of ability and at the end you say , wait what? Then either you're a godamn moron and I'm a fool who thinks he's articulate, or we're both morons.  After having worked a sales job for about 2 months now, I see a lot of people, fat ones, skinny ones, ugly ones, hot ones, deathly ones, some people look like walking corpses, blue ass skin, droopy faces and yellow eyes, shitty circulation.  As I stand there, the influx of hot women can be overwhelming, most days I have an 8hr erection.  Its those fucking form fitting tights, that are just hugging their buttocks with every fiber of thread. Tights are my cryptonite.  At this point women either just love them for the comfort OR, or they know that they will get every man in the vicinity hard.  I wonder if thats what they think? Some women definitely are aware of their assets and intentionally wear them to strut their shit, then there are those women who like to act oblivious to the fact that their ass is exposed and is bouncing up and down with each footstep as they casually walk around putting blueberries and mango slices in their carts giving men involuntary erections. Women think THEY get taken advantage of?? Try being a guy and having no control of your cock, you know how stressful it is trying to conceal a boner while waiting in line to buy batteries.................

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