Thursday, January 3, 2013

well THAT was fun

well THAT was fun.  Coming back from a vacation can leave you feeling a little sad, a little nice, a little lonely, a little peaceful, a little empty, a little drained and a little hungry. These are some of the things I feel after coming back from a vacation. Before you go you're excited and ready for action, thats the beauty of beginnings, any beginning.  Whether its a movie, a vacation, a rollercoaster, a relationship, a walk, a talk, a meal, a dream, a game, a career, a song...These are all great beginnings and we dont want them to end, but like everything, all great things must come to an end.  I'm not sure why god decided to do that, so we could appreciate life more? So we could cherrish "the" moment? So we don't become lazy or greedy? Why is life all about working for something and not just being given enough to live on...The answer is obvious, to have an advantage over others, THAT is the one reason life is a rat race, so that we can have a status imbalance.  Everyone else gets fucked because a few guys want to have 30,000 square foot houses, and own islands, and have 3 rolls royces instead of 1, or 2 private jets instead of one incase the other gets a flat tire.  This is the type of shit that makes us live the rate race we live in, well that and pussy. But no need to talk about that cus its nothing new, the only differences between now and back then is that women shave them now.  I hate rats and I hate races, and there's nothing worse than combining two shitty things, they only become shittier.  Rich people take the most vacations, simply because they can, you'd do it, I'd do it. Although they go on "Vacation" it simply starts losing the effect of a Vacaction after undeserved vacations are taken.  Now I'm not saying you have to deserve a vacation, if you have the money, GO.  BUT, a vacation to a rich guy doesn't even come CLOSE to what a vacation is for a less well off fellow.  Its not about going to Santorini or Rome and staying in a 5 star, its about having someone cook you a warm meal, do your laundry and when you come to get it, its folded.  Or having someone say, "save some for Yuvi" or wait, "Yuvi's coming with us" or "I've made your bed upstairs".  THATS a vacation, the little things that get lost in your own life that are brought back to you by others.  Its not the thread count and the type of linen, its knowing that the linen has been designated to you. This isn't supposed to sound like some "save the children" speech, but sometimes certain events make you think and analyze the present moment. All in all, next time you say "damn I need a vacation", you don't always have to go to Rome or Santorini to experience it.

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